Difference between 2-wing revolving door and 3-wing revolving door
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How to choose a 2-wing or 3-wing revolving door?
Why is there a big difference between 2-wing revolving door and 3-wing revolving door? 

A. 2-wing automatic revolving door is not only a revolving door, there is a automatic sliding door in the middle, so it sets the advantage of revolving door and sliding door in one, so 2-wing revolving door is more practical, it can be used as a automatic sliding door as well as automatic revolving door.
B. The 3-wing automatic revolving door is simple and economical.
C. Although the 2-wing revolving door is said to be two wings, but in fact the two wings are composed of 4 flat and 4 curved door panels, unlike the 3-wing revolving door the 3 wings are composed also of 3 flat door panels.
D. Three or four motors are needed for 2-wing revolving door. One motor for 3-wing revolving door is enough
E. 2-wing revolving door belong to luxurious type, aluminium alloy door frames are thicker than 3-wing door.  A 3-wing revolving door weigh 800kg-1000kg, but a 2-wing revolving door weigh more than 1.5 tonnes.
F. Two wing revolving doors are suitable for places with large flow of people.
Therefore the price of a 2-wing revolving door will naturally be higher than that of a 3-wing revolving door.