Movable walls, sometimes known as operable walls or operable partitions, were developed to optimize the use of multi-purpose spaces which require the flexibility of different configurations.  Acoustic movable walls offer enhanced noise control performance over standard configurations, ensuring that shared spaces can be enjoyed and used as intended with minimal noise interference from the adjacent area. 

Movable wall partition that are the easiest and quickest way to create separations, which are in high demand by Banquet halls, Auditoriums, Convention Centers, Hotels and offices. 

Our movable walls require no floor track, which satisfies the use for wheelchair access. The Movable Wall Panels run smoothly along its ceiling track, on ball-bearing trollies, ensuring ease of operation. When it comes to sound insulation this Movable Acoustic Wall is the obvious choice, its sound insulation ranges from 38-56dB (decibels). This makes it the perfect solution for Education, Hospitality, and Health-Care sectors.

The Sliding Partition panels are of independent pieces which can be moved easily on top sliding tracks. The track of movable wall partition is supported by the ceiling. The installation is simple and handling them is even easier.

The movable wall partition are also not a fixed installation, which means they can be taken away when they are not needed or used when necessary. Stacking of Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition panel can be in different manners i.e. Centre Stacking, Side Stacking, two side stacking etc.  Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition are becoming one of the best options for updating any space.

Active Acoustics System Manufacturer and Supplier of Movable Wall Partitions – Sliding Partitions in China,  Room Divider Partitions with the Best Quality Material of Sliding Partitions. Noise environment not only spoils your natural environment, but also causes it to disrupt your work productivity. With the ever-increasing cost of property there has never been a better time to use the space more effectively and movable wall Partition (also known as operational walls / sliding partitions) achieve this goal. Is being seen as a cost effective option.

Movable wall partitions are the most efficient and correct solution for using workspace more effectively. Sometimes due to lack of space and convenience, it becomes necessary to have a viable solution through which the individual is able to detect great results. With the help of our latest methodologies and tools, we create partitions so that noises do not collide or overlap. Provide an easy and effective feature that will help you enjoy the benefits with great technology.  

Key Features of Sliding Partitions
Get hassle free movement with movable wall partitions
Latest design embedded with strong construction
A variety of good designs and textures that can fit the individual’s requirement.
We provide movable wall partitions for a large and small space such as a conference hall, where a movable wall partition is called, or an office conference space is divided by our concertina partition.

Active Acoustics Systems Movable wall partitions are treated abruptly, with a 100 mm thick partition filled with a sound absorbing and damping layer to achieve 50STC acoustic performance, Active acoustic introduced operational partition acoustic performance with an unprecedented industry It takes pride to announce that 55 STC is the key. Operation etiquette up and down sealing mechanism. Active acoustic offers fire rated movable wall partitions that are 1 hour fire rated.

Active Acoustics partition having-directional or discrete Active Acoustics partitions, single panels are manually operated and offer optimal room flexibility. The track system enables panels to interact at angles and intersections and move to alternate locations. 

Winding and self-sorting track systems are also available.
Advantage of Movable Wall Partitions
Solves complex layout challenges
Intelligent and Flexible Space Utility
Meets high ceiling requirements of up to 50STC with custom engineered panels
Simplifies setup and storage with the use of an easy suspension system
There are wide variations in floor conditions.
Optimal for use in conference, multipurpose, hospitality and conference facilities
Meets high ceiling requirements with custom engineered panels up to 24 requirements high
There are wide variations in floor conditions.
Simplifies setup and storage with the use of a suspension system
Optimal for use in conference, multipurpose, hospitality and conference facilities, with many smaller functions in hotels, conference halls, convention centers, as well as generating additional revenue by larger people
The most advantage is that it provides excellent high privacy, energy savings and aesthetically flexible (room layout can be changed to suit the requirements of the venue) at the same time as sound inaccuracy.

The  tracks  are  fixed  into  the  ceiling, no track on floor, top sliding track keeps  the  floor  free  of  any obstacles.
A false ceiling is used, which is specially designed for movable wall placement.
A  wide  variety of surface finish options: Melamine board, high pressure laminate, wood veneer, wall paper, fabric, wall cloth (with sponge or without sponge), Paint Finish, color steel plate.
Double or single pass doors available.
Movable wall panels up to 56 dB  Acoustic Performance
Long use life and low maintenance.


Are you looking for crisp white panels to give your space a more contemporary look? Or do you prefer the warm, rustic feel of wood, such as beech, birch, maple, or oak? Whatever your preference may be, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect match for your business, we provide movable walls in an assortment of colours and finishes. 

We also offer more tailored finishes, such as magnetic wipe-boards (perfect for offices and schools etc), manifestation, projector quality, reverberation, engraved, and many more. If you require a specialised finish, feel free to contact us and we can help you design your perfect movable wall.
What are movable walls?

As their name suggests, movable walls are floor to ceiling panels that can be adjusted to change the spatial arrangement of the room. They are sometimes referred to as operable walls, movable partition walls, demountable walls or sliding walls as well. The great thing about movable partitions is that you can transform a single space into a number of smaller spaces with minimal effort. 
For example, you can divide the school hall into separate areas or split a large conference room into multiple meeting rooms. And the best thing is, when movable wall partitions aren’t required, they can be easily folded, moved or concealed – without taking up too much space.

As a leading manufacturer of award-nominated movable walls – including acoustic movable walls, sliding walls and concertina walls, it's hard to find a better option, at a more competitive price, than our Partitions.

What is a sliding wall?

Sliding walls can be opened or closed in a single sliding movement – making it easy for you to open and make effective use of the space available.

Where to install movable walls?

Movable walls can make a fantastic, logical addition to many interior spaces. Because they can be easily moved, they are popular in educational facilities that want to promote a flexible working environment. They can also create temporary rooms that are useful if taking exams, splitting classes off into smaller groups, etc.
Office spaces also benefit from movable partition walls. They keep the working area open, encouraging communication and collaboration, but can also create private meeting areas.
Moreover, movable walls are commonplace in hospitals and healthcare sectors. This allows patients to be given privacy when present, as well as providing a hygienic option which is of paramount importance in this kind of setting. They are easy to clean and durable, which means they stand the test of time too.

What is the cost of movable walls?

We boast some of the most competitively priced movable walls on the market today. This, combined with their sublime performance, makes them the most value for money product in the field around.
Our products are bespoke and made to meet each customer’s specific requirements and budget. List your requirements to us, our industry expertise will provide an accurate quote at a reasonable price.  

Do movable walls have an acoustic sound rating?

If multiple activities are being held simultaneously in an indoor space, movable walls are the go-to option in order to give each some privacy and order. Of course, these kind of walls also help eliminate sound and ensure that the temporary room is quite enough for everyone to hear. 

The movable partition solutions achieve just that, with an acoustic sound rating of 38-56dB, meaning that even the loudest noises that come from the other side of the wall will be drowned out so you can easily focus at all times.

The acoustic qualities of our movable walls is what makes them a big hit with those who work in educational facilities and office spaces. It’s likely that there will be a lot of activity throughout the day, so the noise cancelling benefits of these partitions allows for work to be completed in an orderly, efficient way.

Where are movable walls installed?

There’s no denying that movable partitions are great for maximising space, improving the acoustics, and creating privacy for meetings and conference events – saving you the hassle and expense of knocking down or building walls. But where can they be installed?

Here we list just a few places our acoustic movable walls can be used:
Educational establishments e.g. schools, colleges and universities
Hospitals and doctors surgeries
Warehouses and factories

A huge bonus is that all of our movable wall partitions are manufactured in-house, and we offer a bespoke design service for interior designers and architects. So, if you’re wondering whether you can install movable walls elsewhere, be sure to get in touch. Our team will be happy to assist you every step of the way – ensuring your movable partition walls look great and last for years.

How much do movable walls cost?

We keep our prices competitive. Four factors determine the cost of movable walls:

Operation (i.e. sliding or folding)
Ceiling height
Complexity of installation
Door panels often cost more than standard flat panels, and taller panels, made from various materials, will be priced higher than those made from one consistent material.

In addition to the price of movable walls, you also need to factor in labour. Obviously, the more complex the installation, the higher this will be.

Feel free to email your requirements to for a free, no-obligation quotation for movable walls.

What are the 5 Benefits of acoustic movable walls?

No matter what industry you work in, you can count on our movable walls that suit your exact requirements. The movable walls that we supply are designed to suit all budget requirements, ensuring that you receive the best value for money. Needless to say, you could benefit from the simple addition of acoustic movable walls!

Our movable walls are designed to be multifunctional, making it easier for you to maximise or minimise space, we supply the acoustic movable walls to evolve space, allowing you to get the most out of your office space.
Regardless of whether you’re looking to divide your room or expand it, you can do so with our Partitions!

Sound reduction.
To prevent sounds from travelling and causing a disruption, why not consider our acoustic movable walls. They have the ability to divide any room, making it more practical and also preventing sounds from travelling across the room. The walls can prevent sound leakage in schools and the office, alike.

Understandably, you want to make your room more sophisticated and contemporary; and with one of our acoustic movable walls, you have the opportunity to do so. Our partitions are designed to look permanent and to suit any environment. Additionally, they are all designed to blend seamlessly, paying special attention to design.
The movable walls are designed to be flexible, suiting the requirements of any space, however, they incorporate a discrete design. As well as this, they are cut to size and provide acoustic performance, ensuring that volumes are kept to a minimum.

In terms of installation, you cannot go wrong with the acoustic movable walls that we supply. Our acoustic partitions are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a solution for making the most of the space you have available.
With our movable walls you can easily open up an area, creating an illusion for additional space, however, you can also divide a room up into sections, making it more convenient for concentrating.
The partitions are designed to be quick and easy to install, our team of experts provide installation guidance.

What materials are best for sliding walls?
Installing sliding walls is a great idea but what material is best? The best finish depends on your desired look – whether you want to keep it inline with the current aesthetic of the office or to create a more stand out feature, whether you want solid panels or glass. 
Providing a beautiful aesthetic and creating the illusion of extra space and allowing light to flow. We design sliding walls to suit every style and provide them in an assortment of finishes, including oak, birch, beech and maple.

What are the 10 things to Consider when Installing Movable Walls?

Movable walls are a fantastic addition to any home or office environment if you are looking to break up space effectively for more flexibility and privacy.

How to choose and install movable walls? Here are 10 factors to consider:

1: Cost

It is important that you find products to match your budget requirements. Movable walls from CN-Partitions are guaranteed to provide you with the best return on investment. As a result of movable walls being easily reconfigured, they not only save you a great deal of time, money and effort, they also save on labour and materials too.

2: Sustainability

Knocking down walls to build new ones isn’t sustainable and certainly won’t protect the environment. Our acoustic movable walls are considered the most sustainable option to choose.

When installing acoustic movable walls, you want to choose products that have a long lifespan and can be recycled. That way, when they reach the end of their long life, they can be disposed of in a way that’s safe and sustainable.

3: Technology

Depending on where you plan on installing the partition wall you may need to consider the latest technological advances to create a modern finish.

Our partition wall is designed to offer easy ventilation, along with a high degree of soundproofing and stability. We provide acoustic movable walls which incorporate safety features that assist with easy operation.

4: Style

If you’re looking to make your environment more visually appealing, make sure that when you install a partition you use of all the space that you have available but don’t restrict accessibility.

Likewise, if you’re hoping to transform your home to make it more stylish and up-to-date, don’t hesitate to infuse the space with your personal style preferences to create something sleek and elegant.

5: Depth

Installing a movable wall requires careful planning and consideration – especially if you’re going to get it right! When choosing acoustic movable walls, we encourage you to think about the depth of the wall to ensure that there is sufficient space for power and data supplies.

The partition should prevent excessive noise volumes to create a suitable working/living environment.

6: Glazing

We supply a wide range of sliding walls, which are ideal for industrial and public buildings such as schools, offices and conference rooms.

If you wish to maximise natural light, you’ll appreciate that sliding walls can offer a high degree of transparency. We can supply sliding walls that are glazed to allow for a seamless appearance within your building.

7: Privacy

Something else to think about is privacy. If you’re planning to separate the office up into smaller segments, our sliding walls offer a quick and easy solution. By sliding the wall across, you’d be surprised just how easy it is to create an ideal space for private meetings or interviews. 

8: Flexibility

To ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for, we provide tailor concertina walls to suit the exact nature of your business. Our partition walls are available in various surface options which match with your existing décor.  

9: Operation

Each of the operable partitions we supply are designed to be easily configured, making light work of opening and closing.

Sliding walls offer smooth operation, sliding open and closed effortlessly, whereas the operable walls easily fold to utilise the space available. 

10: Reconfiguration

Before you jump in two feet first, think about how often you plan on reconfiguring the space. If you like to rearrange your room frequently, it may work out better for you to install a movable wall – a temporary solution – rather than a permanent structure.
Automatic sliding partition system
Movable Walls
Manual operable partition walls
Manual Operable Partitions Acoustic Movable Wall System
Operable Partition Walls

Movable Partition Wall Suspension Systems

The aluminum track system is made of natural construction grade aluminum alloy.

Each single suspension hanging wall divider panel has vertical metal bearing wheels on the track.

Different options for track crossings can be used to meet specific design requirements.

Single or dual panel suspension options to accommodate different parking layout designs and requirements.

Panel Finishes

The moving partition walls finish panels are available in HPL, wallpaper, PVC laminates, fabric, melamine finishes and so on.


Thickness: 85mm - 125mm

Width: 700-1200mm

Height: 9000-16000mm

Suspension: Top hang with single or double carrier

Acoustic performance: STC 38dB - 56dB

Operable Walls
Manual operable Partitions
Manual operable Partitions
Manual operable Partitions

Movable Partition Wall

The movable partition wall systems are made up of a series of individual partition panel with ceiling track which make it be able to slide along the track. These movable partition walls on wheels are widely used in hotels, shops, exhibition centers, exhibition center, colleges, clubs, art centers, stadium, sports centers, offices, testing center, bowling centers, schools, conference center, golf clubs, etc.

The movable partition wall panel frames are made of standard construction grade aluminum alloy.

Surface panels are available in 12mm thick MDF board, particle board, gypsum board.

Different soundproof material infill and surface material decide the acoustic performance to meet different STC requirements.

Movable Partition Panels