Installation of linear magnetic drive automatic sliding door


1.First, confirm the size of the door opening, and determine the material and the number of door panels.

Maglev automatic door can be made as frame-less glass door, stainless steel door, narrow frame glass door or wooden door; According to the way of opening, it can be made as single open, bi-parting or overlapping door. The door opening switch can be automatic inductive, remote wireless control, or open with fingerprint, password, card reader, and face recognition etc. For home use can also be connected to smart speakers.


2.Installation on-site:

A. Make sure that the beam or door frame had to take the specific loads and the track certain length. 

B. Use level instrument to check whether the beam or the door frame is horizontal and not inclined.

C. Put the track on the appropriate position of the beam, mark the position of the lifting hole, and drill lifting hole on the beam. Fix the track ensure that it installed horizontal and securely into the wall.

D. Move the door body with pre-installed carriers to the below of the track, and set the four carriers into track.

E. After hanging the door body, fix the door retainer on the floor according to the door panel travelling position(make the door vertical), ensure that the door body not derailed from retainer when travelling.

F. Power on, the drive system begin self test and diagnostic procedures, it can automatically measure whether it is normal.

The Maglev Automatic Door is a sliding entrance system powered by linear magnetic drive technology, drive directly without gear belt. Linear magnetic drive system do not have pulleys, belts, arms and other mechanical elements, resulting in a very compact and stylish housing. Whether public, commercial, or private, magnetic linear sliding doors are highly suitable in areas which are dust and noise sensitive like Hotels, Hospitals, Laboratory, Schools, Offices and Home use. Innovative magnetic technology ensures that the Magnetic Suspended Door is safe, reliable, whisper quiet, and resistant to wear.

Linear Magnetic Drive Automatic Sliding Door
linear magnetic drive automatic sliding door
Medical automatic door
Automatic Sliding Door

Technical Specification:


Load-bearing:  40260Kg

Manual force:  ≤10N

Travel speed:  0.20.5m/s

Hold-open time:  430s

Max. Power: 150W

Operating power: 38W

Ambient temperature:  -4060

Suitable  application: Medium-sized doors of kitchen door, office door,  stores door etc.

linear magnetic drive automatic sliding door
linear magnetic drive automatic sliding door


Modern design and easy operation

Ideal for both new and retrofit interior applications, the modern design and easy operation make it an attractive and efficient way to update both the function and appearance of existing interior doorways.


Safe and reliable 

The versatile magnetic levitation automatic door meets all safety requirements for low energy applications. Its extra sensitive operation instantly detects any obstruction. Activation is achieved via touch-less design push plate, radio remote control, or traditional infrared motion detectors.

Traditional automatic sliding doors is driven by rotary motor and gearbox, force is difficult to control. The force of this non-contact door machine is very light, encounter about 10N resistance, it will rebound automatically, no squeeze hurt. Power failure worry-free. When power failure it can be easily opened or closed with more lighter force than ordinary door. 

Low energy consumption

By using Linear Magnetic Drive technology, the Maglev Automatic Door is a low energy system requiring minimal power. When used with a glass panel, it provides valuable day-lighting to interior spaces. 


Strong compatibility

The rich external interface meet all ADA requirements and provides automated barrier-free access. On light contact, the door instantly stops and reverses direction.


Low maintenance costs

The magnetic suspended door has fewer moving parts and incurs less wear and tear, so it requires less maintenance than traditional automatic sliding doors.


Whisper quiet  

Its nearly silent operation is a plus in settings where noise and distractions need to be minimized.

The traditional automatic door is drived by gear belt with machinery friction sound. The linear motor drive mode has no contact, so the sound is about 40DB when the door machine is running.


Optional touch free activation

When installed with an optional activation device that provides touch free operation, without added safety sensors. Magnetic Drive Sliding Door can help prevent surface contamination. 


Small volume, light weight, and easy installation  

The sizes of the operator machine can be customized up to 25mm in width and 40mm in height. Occupied volume is small, easy to install.

Because of small volume, it can be used in the narrow kitchen, bedroom, office, washroom, balcony etc. As long as there is a fixed horizontal beam for door machine, it can be easily installed.


Long service life

This is the traditional motor can not be compared, because the magnetic levitation drive is a pure electronic drive without any friction, can easily achieve thousands of times of operation.


Heavy type door is available 


Single open 30-90Kgdouble open 59-260Kg is available, this maglev automatic sliding door is specially designed for entrance door, special door can be customized.


Electronic lock compatibility


With the special electronic lock and card reader combination, you can create a access control system.

Installation steps of linear magnetic drive automatic sliding door