Automatic Sliding Door Operator

1. Max Weight: 150KG (Single Open) / 300KG (Double Open)
2. Aluminum Rail
3. Excellent high quality, CE, ISO9001 Certification
4. High range AC voltage input
5. Soft Start,Automatic Search,Automatic Protect, Auto-return safe funtion, 3 times stop, auto-reset
6. Remote Control(optional)
7. Super efficient energy saving funtion, quiet smooth
8. Passed one million times operation test, firm and durable
9. Motor lock funtion 

Automatic sliding doors are convenient and a great way to improve the entrance’s functionality and esthetic. Equipped with safety beam sensors and dual acting motion detecting sensors to prevent any unforeseen injuries.

Sliding doors have many different options available. They can be set to one-way mode, reduced open, hold open, or night mode and can be integrated easily with electric locks and card reader systems. They can be offered in glass, aluminum or steel and can be fire rated.

Whether your looking for a manual, ICU, single sliding, bi-parting, all glass or telescoping slider, we’ve got you covered!

Utilizes the latest in digital microprocessor technology, giving the control unit multiple programmable modes including: provision to interface with builidng security system, monitoring the doors position status, built-in UPS.

The microprocessor operating parameters can be adjusted to accommodate various climatic conditions and specific site requirements in relation to speed, braking etc. 

Safety is a priority: The microprocessor will automatically reverse operation in both opening and closing should the doors be obstructed. Photo electric safety light cells mounted to focus across the doorway with halt operation immediately upon beam interruption.
Automatic Sliding Door
automatic sensor door
Automatic Sliding Door Operator
Technical Specifications of Automatic Door Operator

All Glass Automatic Sliding Door 

The guide track made of aluminum alloy profile, the sliding structure is reasonable and reliable, tracking system is dual linear, which is designed for high security and long life service. Use 12 mm tempered glass, high transparency, the structure is simple, luxurious style, generous and elegant.The movable door runs smoothly, suitable for the main entrance of airport, station, hotel, club, shopping mall, office building, bank, supermarket etc. 

Automatic Sliding Door
Framed Automatic Sliding Door

The guide track made of aluminum alloy profile, the sliding structure is reasonable and reliable, tracking system is dual linear, which is designed for high security and long life service. 

The door body design adopts the european popular style, use stainless steel or aluminum alloy frame design, the modelling is refined, smooth lines, choosed high quality materials, may coated a variety of colors, inlay the large plane high strength glass, give person with a noble generous modern feeling.

The Automatic Sliding Doors are capable of delivering a smooth and efficient service for large buildings such as supermarkets, station, hotels and airports. Yet, they are also equally suitable for small and medium buildings, such as offices, restaurants and post offices.
automatic sensor sliding door

Parts of Automatic Sliding Door:

Automatic Door Operator

Stainless Steel Cover

Door panels

Aluminum Cover 

Laminated glass


Safety beam sensor

Door retainer

Screws etc 

Door Type Single Open Double Open
Door Leaf Weight Max 150KG 2*Max150KG
Door Width DW=700-1300mm DW=650-1250mm
Installation Style Surface mounting and concealed mounting
Voltage AC100V-250V.50-60HZ
Openning speed 100-500mm/s(Adjustable)
Close Speed 100-500mm/s(Adjustable)
Slow Down Speed 30-100mm/s(Adjustable)
Door Open Time 0-9s(Adjustable)
Close Force 70N<F<200N
Manual Force <120N
Power Consumption <150W
Operating Temperature -20+-50°C
Automatic Sliding Door
full glass sliding door