Movable Sound-Proof Walls

Movable soundproof walls are popular for many facilities which include offices and educational facilities.

The reason for this Acoustic Wall Partition is because in an office there might be a large open space where all the colleagues are working but there could be two departments in this space so they might want to separate them so that they can focus on their work.

The sound reduction technical specifications that acoustic moveable walls create is perfect for muting high levels of noise from nearby rooms. 

Another reason offices like acoustic room divider systems are because they can create meeting rooms and block out the ongoing sound from the day to day work.

What is Sound Insulation?

Sound insulation is a way to prevent sound waves from permeating. We offer sound insulated walls which are great for offices and other environments where you would like to absorb sound and keep sound transmission levels low. There is a specialist acoustic rock wool that can be used for absorbing sound. 

Acoustic Wall Panels

If you are looking to improve high acoustic performance at your workplace or home, we have a range of acoustic wall panels available to you. Our sound absorption acoustic panel walls can limit background noise levels and provide a great wall soundproofing solution. 

With the help of our acoustic plasterboard, you can keep TV noise, airborne sounds and noisy neighbours at bay. We offer a range of options including stud walls, plaster skim finish, hard surfaces and more.  

Soundproof Partitions for Offices

Unwanted noise can be a nuisance, particularly in offices where meetings take place. Our acoustic wall panels dampen sound energy with their closed-cell foam and offer great wall soundproofing solutions. 

Soundproof partitions for offices are becoming more and more popular because if you're going to create a divided space, then most people think you might as well make sure that you cannot hear all the noise from next door. If you can hear background noise in a space which should be quiet then it can be distracting for everyone to get on with their work.

Many offices will have phones ringing and if you've got a large area with this happening it will be hard to focus and concentrate on the work you need to do and having these is an alternative.

Partition Wall Cost

There is no set partition walls cost because it will depend on a wide range of factors, such as interior design, size and the opening and closing mechanism. Many new builds are choosing to have these installed straight from the start rather than having to change the current layout to fit them in.

If you want to know more about the costings of this service, please consult us about the prices and specifications. 

Are Partition Walls Load-Bearing?

Load-bearing moveable walls support the weight of a floor or roof structure above and are so named because they can support a significant amount of weight. By contrast, a non-load-bearing movable wall, sometimes called a partition wall, is responsible only for holding up itself.

Where can Movable Wall Partitions be Used?

Operable walls are vertical barriers used to split internal building spaces into rooms and circulation areas such as hallways. Moveable wall partitions can be used in offices, schools, homes, hospitals and other establishments. 

They are typically used to separate areas temporarily. This works particularly well in these sorts of establishments, as you can decide when the operable walls are needed. We also offer a wide choice of additions to the different specifications including sound absorption and more. 
Movable Partition Walls
We are specialized in manufacturer Movable Partition Walls, have years of experience installing commercial and residential partitions at very competitive prices.

Movable partition walls are great for conference center, hotel banquet hall, offices, schools, and some people even choose to install them in their homes. The designs of these features have improved a lot over the years, and they are now available in current specifications.

Some specifications of the retractable wall systems include sliding, folding partitions, acoustic movable walls, shutters and even glass designs.

There are a wide range of options to choose from, and it depends on what type of finish you require, what the aim of having the divider is and what budget you have available.

If you are looking for office partitions in surrounding areas, you can stop as this is a specialist service we can provide. We installed many Acoustic Partition Walls and each project has been different.

Our main business scope covers the movable wall design, manufacturer, installation and after-sale service. 

Some projects have been relatively small, while others have been much larger and want more complex features.

Movable Partition Walls are trendy, and due to the new modern designs, they have been increasingly in demand.

Whether you are looking for top hung or floor supported sliding walls, folding wall partitions or something else, our customer service team can help!

Moveable Wall

The great thing about a moveable wall is that you can decide if you want the area open or closed. Along with standard movable walls, we can also offer sliding walls, folding panels and even mobile screens. These movable walls can promote social distancing along with other uses.

A moveable wall system is an excellent addition to various establishments, including schools, colleges, offices and much more. A moveable partition wall system is installable in various materials. We can alter our designs and specifications to suit your individual needs and requirements. For example, if you need a silent place to work, why not get acoustic movable wall partitions installed? This is a great way to create a private area without the enormous costs of a new room installation. 
moveable wall
Acoustic Partition Walls

Movable Partition Walls, also known as acoustic partition walls & different sound-absorbing walls are widely used because they allow you to separate space and also allow the space to be soundproofed.

Many offices and schools, colleges or universities choose these moveable room partitions because if they have ample space, they could section this area off when needed, for example, when a meeting is taking place.

Another reasons schools do this is because some days they might have a full classroom, so they need to make the most of the whole space, but other times they might have a class half the size, so it is more appropriate to split the area. Not only does this allow other people to use the free sectioned area, but it also means that the teacher can keep a closer eye on the students and be able to listen to them clearly as they are in a smaller space.

Having acoustic moveable walls is great and there are many designs options to choose from, whether it be traditional or modern. As well as this design, we could install sliding, folding, glass and shutter options.

When we know what you are looking for and how you would like the appearance of it we can discuss the variety of options.

Sound absorbing room divider walls can be used in offices, recording studios, and many more areas. If you need free advice on the best way to create your sound-absorbing space, please contact us. We can run through the most frequently asked questions and listen to any queries you have too.
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