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Upward Lifting Glass Wall System

Features of Electric Vertical  folding Glass Wall

1. Custom manufactured, fully automatic, rigid, flat retractable glass partitioning system 

2. Space saving, the wall retracts into ceiling when not in use.  No floor tracks are required and there are no side storage pockets, allowing for more efficient use of space.

3. Touch screen control, the wall can be automatic vertically retracts into ceiling in 2~5 mins.

4. The glass movable wall can be scaled to fit unlimited lengths with a vertical height of up to 7500mm.

5. The glass panel walls are light. They weigh is about 35KG per square meter depending on the finish and thickness.

6. Wide range glass can be used. In order to take full advantage of natural light the lifting glass wall finishes include clear laminated glass, frosted glass and privacy glass. With a high proportion viewing area they are sure to meet all your esthetic design needs, the answer when you need both space management and light.

7. High level of safety ensured by an integrated monitoring system that stops and reverses the panel on contact with an obstacle

8. Suit for office, classroom, meeting room, conference room, restaurant, university etc.

CN Automatic vertically retractable glass walls is a custom manufactured, fully automatic, retractable wall system that provide the user with the added luxury of transparency.
Clean lines, a lightweight structure into which a wide range of glass and plexiglass panels can be inserted, high efficiency acoustic seams, and ease of maintenance make the ideal solution for bright, sophisticated and welcoming spaces.
This vertically rising partition stores in the ceiling, no floor tracks are required and there are no side storage pockets saving valuable floor space. 
Glass available in a variety of finishes, including Plexiglass, Bullet-Proof Glass, Frosted Glass.

Motorized Vertical Folding Glass Wall Upward Lifting Retractable Wall System
Vertical Retractable Glass Walls

The aluminum frame partition consists of glass surrounded with an aluminum frame. The standard aluminum frame partition finish in clear anodized color but it may be ordered powder coated or custom anodized.

Height   Maximum 7500mm
Length    unlimited, 3000mm-6000mm per section
Thickness of panels  8mm/10mm/12mm/16mm(single glass series), 35mm/65mm/85mm(double glazed series) or customed
Weight   about 35Kg/m2 for whole panels  
Acoustic Rating  25-36db

Finished: anodized or electrophoresis or powder coating to all exposed aluminum components available in a wide range of standard colors as required

Vertical Folding Glass Walls