Movable Partition Walls specialise in the construction, installation and fitting of partition systems for offices.

We have completed a variety of successful cases and we can discuss and advise you on the range and specifications available and the most suitable options for your particular needs.

There are many options to pick from but if you're uncertain about how you would like it to appear, we can discuss the range of specifications and create stylish options with you. We'll show you previous installations so that you can see these case studies and decide how you'd like them to be specifically designed and installed. Whether you are looking for a low-cost option or you would like a high-end specification, we can offer office partitions according to your need.

When you want to speak to us about this installation process or to get an idea about the costings, contact us and we'll discuss this with you and explain what we could carry out in one of our no-obligation quotations.

Modern Office Partitions  

The most modern partitions office tend to have glazed movable walls, this is because the glass partitioning looks very smart and professional. These office partitioning solutions can be single or double glazed glass partitions depending on the requirements. Toughened glass partitions are a popular choice.

Glass partitioning comes in many unique styles, such as curved glass partitioning and double glazed glass partitioning.  You can choose single or double glass office partitions systems. Depending on what appearance you are going for, we could help assist you in this process to create stylish partition walls specifically designed for you.

A double skin steel partition wall is attractive, durable and available in an extensive range of options, such as fire-rated choices. It's a low-cost solution to spacing issues and safety concerns. 

All of these operable walls are supported by a floor track and when opened the panels are stacked on each other creating more space in your office.
Office Partition Panels

Office partitioning panels can come in a range of styles, shapes, sizes and designs. They can even be bespoke and offer fire protection. 

It depends on what area it is being used for, the size, the budget you have available, the construction materials used and the opening and shutting mechanisms that you want.

If we have an idea of what you are looking for with specific budgetary requirements, this will help us provide you with a price for our partitioning system service.

If you're unsure about all of this, it is not a problem and we can give you more details about each specification and then you could have a think about what office partitions you would like and prefer to be installed.

Our designs range from simple stud partitions to frameless glass partitions. No matter what you are looking for, we can provide you with everything you need.
Conference Room Designs

If you're wanting to improve your companies meeting room, then have a look at our conference room designs and see what office partitions we have available.

If you'd like different aspects from each design, we can incorporate these into a design to create a bespoke partition for your offices.

We have wooden designs and glass partition systems. If you've got a large open space, it is simple for us to make a private conference room by fitting the movable fixtures.

When we know what appearance you like and also what the uses of it are for, we can show you possible choices to choose from and these could include sliding or folding mechanisms and also acoustic or glass partition materials.

Office Wall Dividers

There are many high-quality office wall dividers,  the temporary room dividers gives the option to have a sectioned area or to have an open plan office environment than having a fixed wall built. It means they can create a meeting and conference room easily, just by opening or shutting off the movable partition wall fixture.

For more detail about office partitions in and to discuss the construction process of the partitions for your office environment, feel free to contact us!

We can look for the most cost-effective office solutions for your demountable partitions, partitioning service and more.

We will aim to provide a low-cost solution or focus on a high-end specification with your budgetary requirements in mind. 

When we receive your enquiry we will be able to review it and respond to you with an appropriate next step for this.

If you are looking to put a partition wall straight into your shopping basket, you've come to the right place. 
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