CN Electric is a famous chinese automatic partitions brand, headquartered in guangzhou, as manufacturing factory we have two major industries.

One: Automatic Partition Walls industry chain; 

Two: Automatic Doors industry chain.

We make as per the international specifications and standards the first-class fully automated partitions & walls, automatic revolving doors and automatic sliding doors, create values for clients.

We make the most attention of after-sales service, the warranty of CN automatic partition walls and automatic doors is 1 year for free maintenance and lifelong service.

Each individual multi-directional acoustic panel of this retractable partition is central rotatable, can be used as door or partition or folded stored.
The vertically retractable glass walls is fully automatic wall system that provide the user with the added luxury of transparency.
Vertical retractable glass walls
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Electrically Operated Sliding Partition System can be either top hung or floor supported. Easy pushbutton-controlled opening and closing action.
Integrity, harmony and sustainable development
Motorized Sliding Pivot Glass Walls
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Electric walls & AUTOMATIC DOORS
Motorized vertical folding lift operable walls moves through a slot in the ceiling and stacks them neatly hidden out of sight. All this with a simple push of a button!
Vertically Folding Operable Walls
Automatic Operable And Moveable Partition Walls
Electrically Operated Partitions
Fully Electric Movable Walls & Automatic Doors
CN offers solution to Electric Movable Partition Wall System, Motorized Retractable Walls and overall solutions and service for building entrances!