Each individual multi-directional acoustic panel of this retractable partition is central rotatable, easily negotiate 90 degree 2, 3, and 4-way track intersections. Each panel can be turned in any direction, anywhere along the track grid allowing the panels close off alternative openings and/or be stored in alternate locations when not in use. 

The Acoustical Folding Partitions feature strong, durable, laminated panels and a fabulous collection of affordable surface options including wood veneers, high pressure laminates, wood grain vinyls, textured vinyls, luxurious wall carpeting, and panel fabrics... and the highest acoustical ratings of any accordion partition made.

The panels are suspended from an overhead heavy-duty aluminum or steel track and are carried by steel, ball-bearing wheels. The panels extend from a stored position to form a flat panel wall across the opening.


Electrically operated, stacked at either the central track or at the end, these models are ideal for high, expansive areas or where remote operation is required.Offices, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Art Galleries, and many other industries widely apply operable and movable walls to optimize the use of the spaces.

Automated movable wall systems

Technical parameters

Track loading capacity: 350KG/m

Maximum width: 2000mm

Minimum width: 600mm

Maximum height: 12000mm

Door speed: 100~250mm/s

Sound insulation coefficient: RW≤45dB

Voltage of power supply: AC150V~250V

Frequency: 50~60Hz

Manual push force: <200N

Power of each individual door motor: 100W

Operable and Movable partition door
Operable partition door
Operable and Movable Walls stack
Operable partition Walls
Operable and Movable Walls
Way of stacking
Fully Automatic Middel Center Pivot Sliding Partitions
Automatic Middle Center Pivot Rotable Partition Walls

Product's features

Multiple axis

Motorized partitions

Incomparable acoustic comfort

Electric operation

High strength 6063-T6 aluminum alloy guide rail;

German technology custom made motor;

Fully automatic control system, one button operation;

Each panel can easily negotiate 90 degree, and can be controlled flexibly;

Superior sound insulation effect;

For power failure can be manual pushed. The manual push and turn function guarantee the smooth passing when power failure;

Suitable for conference hall, exhibition hall, banquet hall, multi-function hall and other places.