Emergency Exit Full Breakout Automatic Sliding Door
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Fire Escape Sliding Panic Break-out Doors
Emergency Exit Full Breakout Automatic Sliding Door Fire Escape Sliding Panic Break-out Doors

The Full Breakout Automatic Sliding Door with Panic Breakout Feature makes it best suited for commercial spaces 

that require wider door opening such as car showrooms and it also facilitates the sudden evacuation in a panic situation. 
This Breakout Escape Automatic Sliding Door can triple passing efficiency. The movable door leaf and fixed door can open 90 degrees, allowing larger items and staffs to pass, especially during emergency that offer people 
escape quickly. As the door can by single handle dynamic operating the door outward open, the escape route width almost to amounts the full door width for a generous through passage, do the true meaning of the disaster prevention and evacuation door, convenient and flexible to use.

Fine Frame 
For elegant, upscale, and even monumental applications, the extruded aluminum stile fine frame, with full breakout of sliding panels, combines full view aesthetics with excellent weather-sealing qualities. It's ideal for interior or exterior applications such as high-end retail stores or modern office buildings.

Customize the look to match your design. 
The unparalled choice of finishes allows to match precisely to design. In addition to wet paint, powder coat, and anodized finishes, a variety of ornamental architectural metals can be applied to create a spectacular entrance.

Features and benefits:
1) The door is designed for emergency escape passage where large number of pedestrians will pass
2) Extra wide opening in the operation,can be any one of the 90 degree of the open,so that the effective opening to maximize the evacuation and handing of large objects, which guarantees maximized exit space
3) When the panel position is set back to original, this door will perform initial setting automatically to switch back to sliding door.
4) Built in sensor could connect to monitor system of building. Alarm delay system could prevent mis-operation.
5) High quality with smooth running and  lower working noise.
6) Easy  maintaince. Any questions occurs,check the system and there will be error number for  maintaince .
7) Wide range voltage. Our anti-panic  automatic sliding door is suitable for AC 80-250V.
8) Easily push away for the both  sliding door panels and fixed  door panels, with 1 hand you can push the door panels  conveniently. 

Door Start up mode: 4 leaves mode/ 2 leaves mode
Operator Standard Length: double open 3000mm-42000mm, single open 2100-2700mm
Standard height: Fixed Leaf 2200mm/ Moveable leaf 2170mm
Opening/Closing speed: 250-650mm/s (adjustable)
Voltage: 220V/110V
Opening delay time: 2-20s (adjustable)
Manual Open Force:<100N
Power consumption:<100W
Ambient temperature: -30° - +50° C
Admissible (relative) humidity: Maximum 93% (non-condensing).
Track and cover : High strength, 5mm thickness 
Profile thickness: average 3mm
Maximum W:5400mm
Maxumum H:4000mm
Maximum load: 150kgx2  ,250kgx2
Narrow or medium stile
Side Column:45 x 155mm
Overhead combination safety and activation sensors

Toughened safety glass, 8 mm/10 mm/12mm thick
Double glazing, 22 mm thick

Frame finish
Polyester powder coating
Silver anodized
Clear or dark bronze anodized

Electromechanical combined locking device with manual lock release

Automatic Breakout Swing Out Door Standard Configuration:
1. Motor 
2. Controller 
3. Remote Controllers 
4. Basic control module 
5. Track 
6. Carrier 
7. Return Pully
8. Service cover holder 
9. End stop 
10. Door bracket 
11. Belt connection 
12. Belt tensioning device
13. Microwave Sensor 
14.Lock latch 
15.Beam safety photocell 
16. Five function key switch.
17. Frame 
18. glass

Warranty: 2 years warranty.  
FOB PRICE: 2000-3000 USD
LEAD TIME: 15-20 Days

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