The electric folding partition system use invisible adornment half partition form, no matter big or small space, it can divide area easyly, it's also decorative, its design and colour is diversiform, can satisfy the requirement of different circumstance to the environment.

Easy to operate, once you press the switch, it can instantly make the space size change. Unlike other mobile partition need manpower for it, save labor costs, improve efficiency for the work.

It's reusable. At the end of the meeting, when a large space needed, simple press the button, partition automatically closed up. When needed the next time, simple press again, save time and effort. Just press one key to complete all operations.

The production of the electric lifting partition system can be industrialized.That means our technology has reached a very high level. Technicians can train workers to produce a uniform partition folding pannels and then assemble it. This innovation is actually very technological. Mass production also allows it to keep up with the times. 

Our two types of Electric Folding Partitions

Type 1:  Fully automatic lifting partition CNGDS-5*10 - light type

Power 4000 w

Type 2:  Fullly automatic lifting partition CNGDS - heavy type

Power 7000 w

Widely used in star hotels, large banquet hall, conference hall, villa, exhibition center, gymnasium, auditorium space space and other places

Automatic lifting off cngds-heavy

Power supply: three-phase  380V  

Weight: 30 kg/m2

Thickness of electric sound insulation wall: 240mm-300mm

Length of sound-proof steel plate: 3000mm-3600mm(can customized according to special requirements)

Width of sound insulation steel plate: 600mm(can customized according to special requirements)

Length of panels storage: ceiling opening is about 1400mm

Depth of panels storage: the height of sound insulation wall is 1/8-1/10.

Electric Folding Partitions

Now upgrade electric partition walls are widely used in hotels, offices etc to reconfigure space. 

Because it can manage the space quickly, in minutes providing with flexible and fast separation of indoor space according to customer requirements.

The system is highly sealed. As the sound insulation wall system is composed of sound insulation steel plate closely combined with metal tight hoop and double-layer wall, it completely blocks the sound transmission.The retractable wall system provides vertically folding space division with excellent acoustic properties.

The system adopts self-locking function and sensor device to ensure the absolute safety of personnel during the use of the sound insulation wall.

As the system is stored in the ceiling, it not only creates maximum benefits for the space utilization of the interior building, but also maintains the beauty and integrity of the interior space.

No track is required for system installation to maintain the integrity of the ceiling.

The maintenance of the system is easy. In case of damage to the sound-proof steel plate, new sound-proof steel plate can be replaced on the spot.

The sound-proof steel plate surface of the system has no restrictions on decorative materials, which can be sprayed, or use wood veneer, wall paper, wall cloth, etc., and the thickness of decorative surface shall not be thicker than 3mm.

The movable wall plank is suspended, the ground does not need to set track, so it can be used together with many kinds of ground material, realize beautiful unification. 

The top adopts steel structure reinforcement, the wall panels adopt aluminum alloy outer frame, and the built-in steel structure expansion piece, which is rugged and durable.

How about the price per square meter for the automatic lifting partition wall? 

Automatic lifting partition can be divided into light, medium, heavy three types, the price for each kind is different.

Light type automatic lifting partition: the maximum height is 6m, the maximum bearing capacity of a single door is 250kg, the minimum thickness of the panel is 50mm, the maximum width is 1200mm, the ceiling height is 300mm, and the power is 40w

The reference price for a conference hall is RMB150,000 ~ RMB300,000

Medium type automatic lifting partition: the maximum height is 12m, the maximum bearing capacity of a single door is 450kg, the maximum width is 1200mm, and the power is 60w

The reference price for a large banquet hall is RMB300,000 ~ RMB600,000

Heavy type automatic lifting partition: maximum height 16 meters, single door body maximum bearing 600kg, maximum width 1200mm, power 100w

The reference price for a regular stadium is RMB600,000 ~ RMB1.5 million

Electric Folding Partition Door
Electric Folding Partition Door

Electric Folding Partition Doors or Partition Walls, also called lifting screen, vertical partition, lifting wall, is a kind of up and down lifting operable partition wall, it makes more contemporary and science and technology feeling, high-grade and advanced, super good sound insulation effect. The technical requirements are very strict, even if a screw is wrong, or 1mm drilling error, will cause the entire electric partition system cannot function.

Why choose our CN Electric Folding Partition Doors:

1. Independently developed full intelligent control system, which is safe, stable and has a long service life.

2. Built-in infrared safety system ensures the safety of use. When encountering resistance, it will automatically stop, and when the resistance is eliminated, it will resume the original automatic operation.

3. Automatically retract to the ceiling, saving valuable floor space and improving space utilization rate.

4. Easy full intelligent control system without manual operation.

5. Customized production can be made, different schemes can be customized according to different places to meet different needs. Each lifting partition wall model is unique and designed to provide a specific design solution. Each lifting partition wall model is comprised of single-source components engineered for that particular system.

6. The choice of exterior decoration is diversified, breaking the traditional design style, and modern decorative materials can be used.

7. The Electric Folding Partition System is suitable for many Commercial, Retail, and Residential applications including, sports complexes, restaurants, patios, bar and countertops, as well as residential applications which allows customers the versatility to accommodate individual design needs.

From concept to completion, provides turnkey service that includes specified finish, installation, and service. Single source provides customers with confidence that all aspects of the project are properly coordinated and designed while providing a single warranty for entire system. 

Vertically Folding Operable Walls
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