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Why choose our CN Fully Automatic Sliding Partition Walls 

1. Products overview 

CN fully automatic sliding partition walls is a newly-generation of automatic partition system developed by CN company by taking in the advantage from similar products at home and abroad and integrating the product features of our own products. The CN fully automatic sliding partition walls have beautiful appearance, reliable performance and advanced automatic control system. First-class technology of direct current frequency conversion ensure the stable operation, selected the high quality key components and high-strength aluminum alloy frame ensure the best automatic operating state; Use the unique electrostatic balance technology to form a closed tight, dust-proof, excellent anti static brush closed system.

3. Drive Device

3.1 System Features

Controlled by the variable speed unit.

High start up torque.

Low running noise, stable running.

Less friction, small wear, long service life.

Give full play to the advantages of gear + gear reduction, and effectively curb its disadvantages.

    ◆ Reasonable modular design and structure, easy maintenance.

3.2 Main Component:
Heavy type silent track, red copper sliding contact line, countersunk nut wide tooth synchronous belt, self-balancing hanger parts, direct currency brush-less motor, reducer, copper containing double safety carbon brush.

3.3 Driving mode:
Direct currency variable frequency drive mode.

3.4 Reducer mode:
Two-stage gears reduce mode. 

Motor assembly diagram

Door structure

Fully Automatic Sliding Partition door structure

The newly developed electric partitions operating system heralds a new era for fully automatic sliding Partitions. It is destined to completely replace the existing manual movable partition system.

With the fully automated partition system, it is possible to operate both glass elements and sound-insulating elements. It is the most convenient system for partition applications. All the functions are executed fully automatically and can be activated at the push of a button. Any faults or malfunctions are shown on a display, and in the event of a power failure, the sliding wall dividers can be manually operated.

The intelligent drive system which operates the elements fully automatically and takes them to their predefined positions. The system is governed by an automatic control system which receives its commands either from a control panel or from an optional key-switch. The control system is connected via busbars integrated in the track to the individual drive units of the elements. The emergency stop unit is the safety switch which, when operated, immediately disconnects the system from the power supply.

Automatic Partition Motor

2.  Outstanding Characteristic

 2.1 Intelligent Control System

CN company adopts programmable logic control system, which uses redundancy design to fully consider the reliability of the system, at the same time, each motor uses internal sensors to conduct closed-loop detection on the automatic partition, so as to ensure the operation of the automatic partition is always in the best state and the safety of users.

2.2 Accident protection function
For power failure CN fully automatic sliding wall partitions has manual push and turn function, thus ensure the normal use of them. 

2.3 Flexible installation performance
Cfully automatic sliding wall partitions is available in a variety of standard specifications, ranging from a minimum height of 3.5 meters to a maximum height of 16 meters, and from a length of 2 meters to 100 meters, forming dozens of standard series.  Non-standard series can be customized by the user, which can be installed in different types of buildings.

Sound proof movable partition walls

5. Safety System

5.1 Main Component: 
Expand mode button, favorite mode button, emergency mode button 

5.2 Safety considerationn

In the system internally installed with anti-collision program, Photo Eye Sensor or collision switch can be installed at the edge of the door, to achieve anti-collision protection. When any of the door panels is blocked, the door panels in the back row will stop running and will automatically run when the obstacle is cleared. Equipped with key switch to prevent non-management personnel to operate the system.

5.3 Adopt low voltage direct current, overload protection, ensure the great security of operating system and power control system. Can also linkage to the fire system and intelligent building system, when received fire signal open automatically, to ensure the evacuation of people.

Stacking way of partition wall

6. Construction features  

6.1 Motor track structure diagram 

6.2 Door structures
Using the principle of jack, this kind of double-layer telescopic sealing sound proof rubber strip with spring is pressed to the track of ceiling and floor with 150N pressure. The corner sound insulation uses the special molding rubber wall foot component, has solved the seal technical question of the corner part.

6.3 Variety of surfacing materials with a range of surface treatments
CN fully automatic sliding folding partitions are available to provide almost every conceivable surface treatments upon customs requirement:

(1) Stainless steel finish (mirror stainless steel, mirror titanium stainless steel, hairlines stainless steel, titanium stainless steel).
(2) Fluorocarbon coating spraying(color can be customized according to color scale).
(3) Anodizing(We provide color sample, customer choose)

Way of Stacking - F type

4. Control System
4.1 Main Component: 
Multi-point communication intelligent controller, high-power noise reduction power supply.

4.2 Function Characteristics
Intellectual control unit
Multipoint communication intelligent controller, which is the core parts of the automatic control partition system, use micro-controller programming, installed inside the hangers of the automatic partitions, is mainly responsible for receiving the signals of control switch and transmission of signals between multipoint communication intelligent controller in the automatic partition, after dealing with the algorithms, refresh the output signal, coordinate the motor running state, ensure the work of each execution parts according to the control requirements in an orderly way.
Power supply mode
The power supply adopts the multistage through way of high-speed railway, which ensures that the system can still work normally when the power supply fails at any level.

6.4 Tempered safety glass
We use only tempered safety glasses for our sliding partition door. Compared with ordinary glass, its advantage is: when the glass is damaged, the tempered glass will become small blocks without edges and corners, no hurt to people. 

7. Technical parameters

·  Door weight: maximum 750kg/ fan

·  Width of door: DW=750mm~2000mm

·  Total clearance height: HW=3500mm~16000mm

·  Voltage of power supply : AC150V~250V

·  Frequency: 50~60HZ

·  Main drive motor power: 100W

·  Locking force F:  200N < F < 400N

·  Manual push force: < 200N

·  Noise: 50dB


Way of Stacking - Y type