vertically folding retractable walls
Automatic Folding Wall construction site

Automatic lifting partition walls technical requirements and quality control of main materials

1. Quality control of
 aluminum alloy profiles

The aluminum alloy profile  of electrical vertical lift walls must meet the requirements of GB/5237-79 for its precision should reaches the requirement of high precision. In which the anodic oxidation module layer for the part where the structure is bonded shall not be lower than the AA15 class requirements specified in GB8013-87. The anodic oxidation film layer and the thickness of the main stressed ones of structure must be measured by the material quality inspector according to the technical requirements on the mold drawing, the measured records must be made and timely to the quality department reported.

2. Quality control of stainless steel plate

The stainless steel plate for Vertical Lift Walls must choose the suitable variety according to the design request, its physical performance must accord with the design request and GB3380-83 concerned regulation. Sampling inspection must be carried on to report to the quality inspection department according to the stipulation.

Product-management organizational structure

CN has rich industry knowledge and technical experience, professional development and design personnel and perfect production technology, provide guarantees for the quality of products and services. With advanced manufacturing technology and enterprise scale strength, exquisite technology and systematic testing equipment, excellent and perfect management team, integrated product support, innovative development of the business strategy, has become a well-known brand at home and abroad.

Since the establishment of the company adhering to the "pursue the truth, innovative development" business philosophy, continue to develop high-grade automatic doors and automatic partition walls.

Vertical Lifting Walls

Intelligent Control System

CN Automatic lifting partitions use the programmable logic control system, test and control the automatic lifting partitions under the closed-loop system, to ensure that the partition running is always in the best state automatically, but also protect the safety of the user. The partition walls have high sound insulating performance, can fully guarantee the independent effect of small meeting hall , make it as private space or large hall, very flexible.

The Automatic folding partition can be used in any place, can reconfigure space in minutes, providing with more flexibility for better space management with simple turnkey operation.

Accident protection function 

CN automatic partitioning system adopt safety components with multiple safety protection design, installation of upper and lower limit switch, there are anti-collision strip under the partition wall. The system has built-in position limit self-check function, once the protective device failure occurs, the in-place-system will give instruction for auto-stop, prevent the machine was crashed or walls fallen off.

For power failure the partition has the power off automatic locking function, to ensure that the partition will not fall, greatly improve the security of the passage.

Exclusive custom made service

The ingenious design, tailored for different customers, height from 3.5 meters to 16 meters, length from 2 meters to 100 meters, suitable for any purposes, any places.

Drive device

 High intelligent vector invert frequency control system;

 The drive device adopts the high-precision parallel helical gear reducer and the optimized transmission system design, which features low running resistance, high transmission efficiency, stable and low noise, 15% increase in transmission efficiency and 30% reduction in energy consumption. Service life greatly lengthened;

 Touch screen control, easy to use, modern fashion, lifting speed and lifting position is adjustable, closed loop real-time monitoring of operating status, protected with secondary password, have classification management function;

 Intelligent modular design, reasonable structure, easy maintenance.

CN Automatic lifting partitions is a new type of automatic partition product developed by CN company on summing up the advantages of similar products at home and abroad and integrating the characteristics of our own products. Use high efficient and energy saving SEW motor from Germany with high torque as the main equipment, the partition running smoothly without any dithering and halt. Our automatic lifting partition have beautiful appearance, fashion color and reliable performance. Adopt advanced intelligent control system and vector control frequency converting technology, can control the speed and output torque precisely, make the partition wall run smoothly and steady. We choose the key parts imported from Europe and use the high strength aluminum alloy framework to ensure the best running status. Use the unique electrostatic balance technology to form a closed tight, dust-proof, excellent anti static brush closed system. 

Automatic lifting partition Walls
Vertical Lift Walls

3. Quality control of iron parts

All specification and dimension and quality of hot galvanizing steel must meet the design requirements. Sampling inspection must be carried on to report to the quality inspection department.

4. Quality control of hardware accessories

Hardware accessories including a variety of stainless steel bolts, nuts, door handle, springs, locks and so on. Approved product standard and quality certificate must be provided by the supplier. The professional quality inspector approve whether the accessories meet the technical requirements and report to the quality control department. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of stainless steel bolt must be sampled.

5. Quality control of structural adhesives and weather proofing silicone sealant

The compatibility test report must be provided when structural adhesives and weather proofing silicone sealant be used and reported to quality control department after acceptance. The following points must be noted: 

1). The outer package of all kinds of silicone products should be marked with commodity name, origin, production name, production address, production date and effective date. Expired products are strictly prohibited.

2). The physical and chemical properties of silicone gel should comply with the relevant regulations of GB16776-97 (structural adhesives) and GB/ t14683-93 (weather proofing silicone sealant).

3). The storage of silicone gel must be maintained at +4 ° C ~ +25 ° C

4). The use of silicone must be within the guarantee period. 

After-sales service

We make the most attention of after-sales service, the warranty of CN automatic partition walls and doors is 1 year for free maintenance and lifelong service.

Our service tenet is "customer first". Each our service personnel in the implementation of after-sales service tasks must adhere to this principle, and willing to accept customer supervision.

We think what customers want, anxious for customer need, strictly in accordance with the requirements of customers to complete the service tasks with high quality, seriously answer the questions raised by customers, and actively provide various solutions for customers to choose, so as to achieve customer satisfaction. 

After receiving the warranty call, our local offices and agents promise to arrive at the site within 12 hours. If the company sends personnel directly, the surrounding area is 24 hours, the remote area is 48 hours.

For foreign customers, we provide trouble clearing instructions in time by phone and email. Telephone guidance can not be solved, door-to-door repair can be arranged through consultation.

We will visit customers regularly, accept customers' opinions and suggestions humbly, take them as the basis for improving work, and continuously improve service quality.

Construction measures

Technical requirements before installation of automatic lifting partition

(1) The levelness of the marble floor or parquet floor under the partition wall must be no greater than (+/-) 1.5mm in the largest range.

(2) The power cords of the automatic folding partition is tow-phase three-wire AC380V with the maximum current of 80A, which should be reserved above the center of the partition collection area and its length should not be less than 1500mm.

(3) If the building provides fire linkage control signal, a passive closed signal line shall be provided, and the line diameter shall be BV1.0x4 leading to the central position of the partition collection area and 1500mm shall be reserved.

(4) A storage room (no less than 5 square meters) for placing the equipment should be provided, which is used for temporary storage of the relevant precision parts of automatic lifting partition, so as to facilitate the installation went smoothly.

Parts list of automatic lifting partition wall

Vertical folding wall running principle

Safety system

Adopt slow down system from Germany ensure the maximum safety when the system is in use. When the falling speed is too fast, slow down system will be started automatically to prevent the partition wall from falling rapidly. The system adopts an optimized intelligent anti-collision design. The door panel can be equipped with an electric eye or a collision switch to realize anti-collision protection (for customers to choose). When there is an obstacle under the lifting partition detected, the lifting partition will automatically stop and brake lock, after clearing the obstacle will run automatically. Equipped with key switch to prevent non-management personnel to operate the system. 

The control system can also be linked with the fire control system and the intelligent building system. When receiving the fire signal, it can be automatically raised and cut off, allowing people to evacuate. 

Power supply  

Three phase alternating urrent 380V, 14A, providing enough power for the driving motor.

Vertical Folding Walls

Acceptance criteria

1. The control panel can be set up and function normally;

2. The programmable control system receives instructions normally, the panel displays correctly, and the lifting speed can be adjusted;

3. When the motor stops running, it can brake instantly without delay, and when the external power supply is disconnected, it can brake in real time and prevent the wall from slipping down;

4. During automatic/manual operation, the limit switch can work normally and stop automatically when reaching the limit position;

5. The infrared anti-pinch device is normally detected; 

6. The running state of the partition between rising and falling is stable;

7. No collision, no noise and smooth lifting;

8. No deformation of the main beam;

Structure of vertical folding Wall

Technical parameters:

Power supply: 50HZ 380V

Motor power: 4KW

Speed: 0~65rpm adjustable

Lifting noise: < 42db

Obstacle detection function when the partition wall descend: yes

Soft limit detection function: yes

Power off brake: yes

Girder Structure - meter Bearing 2 pc
Safety Beam 2 set Pulley Yoke Roof Panel 3 pc
Main Frame 1 set Pulley Yoke 3 pc
Parallel Axis Gear Motor 1 set Up Pulley Yoke 3 pc
Rocker Limit Switch 1 pc Single Pulley 18 pc
Circular Bearing with Concave 4 pc Arbor Wheel 1 18 pc
Limit Switch Installation Rack 1 pc Arbor Wheel 2 18 pc
Optical Encoder 1 pc Hanger Connected 12 pc
POWER LOCK 4 pc L90 Pin Roll 10 36 pc
SPINDLE 40-610 2 pc L100 Pin Roll 12.5 12 pc
End Cover 4 pc Door Panel Hanger 36 pc
With Square Bearing 2 pc Inside Panel Hinge Bracket 6 pc
With the Diamond Bearing 2 pc Outside Panel Hinge 36 pc
Transmission Shaft 2 pc Lifting Arm Partition Column 18 pc
Chain Wheel 1 pc Lifting Arm 1 18 pc
Chain Wheel 3 pc Lifting Arm 2 6 pc
Descent Control Device Spindle 1 pc Lifting Arm 3 6 pc
Descent Control Device Plate 1 pc Gear 36 pc
Slip Torque Limiter 1 pc T Aluminum Structure 1 pc
VOSS Overload Sensor 1 pc Steel cable fixed mount 3 pc
Chain 1 1 pc Screw rings nut A type 3 pc
Chain 2 1 pc Hexagon nuts type I class C 3 pc
Bridge Plate 178 2 pc Socket Cap Screws   12 pc
2 Line Pulley Shaft 2 pc Door Panel 1 set
2 Line Pulley 2 pc T Rubber Jacket 1 set
2 Line Pulley Yoke 1 pc Floor Sealing Rubber 1 set
3 Line Pulley 1 pc Lifting Steel Wire Rope 1 set
3 Line Pulley Yoke 1 pc