Technical Data

Power supply : 220VAC±10%,50HZ
Rated current :12VAC,50HZ
Power of motor : 250W
High speed adjustment range(revolving door) : 1-4r.p.m.
Low speed adjustment range(revolving door) : 0.5-1.5 r.p.m.
Ambient temperature : -30 - 45 degree
Max relative humidity : 90%.
Total weight :  <600Kg
Operating noise : <= 42db (A)
Torque of door leave: <2nm
Automatic Crystal Revolving Door
Specification of All Glass - Revolving Door

The superiority and structure characteristics of Automatic Crystal Revolving Door 

1. Special frame strip structure.

2. Rotate without middle axle.

3. Both top and bottom fixed point supporting structure.

4. All kinds of stainless steel frame, materials and appearance of color can be chosen by customers. 

5. High strength integral transparent glass.

6. Possess wind-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, sound insulation,warm preservation functions.

7. Light door body and easy operate.

8. Exquisite unique switch operation panel.

9. Adjustable running speed 

Automatic Crystal Revolving Door
Operation Features

1. Continuous working mode
2. Go/Stop working mode
3. Remote control function

Safety Functions

1. Anti-squeeze

2. Anti-strike

3. Force-sensitive Control

4. Low torque drive unit with Speed Control

5. Panic breakout system

6. Push-button temporary low speed

7. Push & Go or motion detection start up

7. Night Security Door

Three- or Four- Wing Automatic Crystal Revolving Door 
Automatic Crystal Revolving Door
Crystal revolving Door
Three Wing Automatic revolving door

Key Components

Drive Motor: Lenze(Germany) AC220V,50Hz, Power:0.37KW
System: Panasonic(Japan)
Control Operation LCD Panel: Panasonic 
Variable Frequency Inverter: Panasonic  
Brake DC Power: Lenze(Germany)
Insurance Terminal Part: CN
Motion Sensor: BEA(Switzerland )
Stand Column Anti-pinch Sensor: CN
Door Leaf Anti-Collison Sensor: CN
Curved Glass: CSG(Nanbo)
Planar Glass: CSG(Nanbo)
Handicap Button: Schneider (Germany)
Emergency Stop Button: Schneider (Germany)
Up & Down Bearing: CN
Aluminium frame profile: Jianmei Aluminum
WD D L1  Entrance Width(mm) A H1
Outer Diameter(mm) Inner Diameter(mm) Three-wing Four-wing Canopy Height(mm) Pass Height(mm)
1840 1800 800 1190 20 2200
2040 2000 900 1330 20 2200
2240 2200 1000 1470 20 2200
2440 2400 1100 1610 20 2200
2640 2600 1200 1750 20 2200
2840 2800 1300 1890 20 2200
Above are standard sizes, other sizes can be customized.

Crystal revolving door is one of the most stunning entrances available. Completely constructed from glass with only the most minimal stainless steel frame and cappings, the Crystal Door is the most transparent revolving door. Despite its transparency, it makes a striking entry to any building. It is available with three or four door wings with motorized operation.

The Crystal door can be finished in completely clear glass, but colored glass is also available. With a variety of options available, we can work with you to ensure the Crystal door meets all your requirements.