2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door
2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door
2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door
Safty system
Anti-squeeze function
Anti-strike function
Force-sensitive Control
Torque Control Function
Safety Relay
Panic breakout
Emergency stop
two Wing Automatic Revolving Door

2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door is an unique Revolving door with "3 in 1 function" which included Revolving door +Sliding door+ Balanced door. 2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door design provides an imposing entrance to any building, while serving as an airlock as well, to minimize a building’s heating or air conditioning losses, therefore maximizing energy savings.

Operation System:

All digital control program system, easy and convenient operator interface. System is Panasonic original system and motor is Lenze from Germany.

2 Wing Automatic revolving door

Advantages and Features

Aluminum alloy die-casting molding frame, high strength, bright color, good surface finish. 

A variety of materials and colors of surface decoration available: hair lines stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, aluminum fluorocarbon spraying, anodic oxidation, copper decoration etc.

The glass adopts laminated glass, tempered glass or special glass.

The ceiling is composed of radial wedge-shaped panels that coordinate with the material and decoration of the entire door.

Canopy made with plywood or metal plate for dustproof, outside made sealed for shower-proofing.

Energy saving, quiet, stable, long service life.

Digital program control system, easy operation.

Anti-squeeze function, anti-strike functionand and safety detection functions.

Slow speed for disabled. When the aged, children or disabled passing the door, press the disabled button, the door speed will slow down and rotate for 1 round, after that restore their normal function.

Revolving speed automatic lifting and adjusting function. Change the sensor condition according to the weather and visitors flow rate, to save time and energy. 

Fire functional and power failure automatic conversion function. When the revolving door receive the fire alarm or powe off signal, the revolving door will open automatically.

Lock the door at night or needed. 

Drive System

The control part we use is the newest imported Micro-computer digital controller, motor is original Germany imported, made sure the revolving door operate silent and steady. 
2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door
Technical Data

Power supply : 220V/50Hz
Rated current : 6A
Motor : 370W*2
Sliding door drive unit : 60W 
Revolving door drive unit : 250W X 2=500W
Down lights : 40W
High speed adjustment range(revolving door) : 1- 4r.p.m.
Low speed adjustment range(revolving door) : 0.5-1.5 r.p.m
Rotational Noise: <42db

Torque of door leave: <2nm

Aluminum structure: 6063-T5 High Intensity Dedicated Casting Aluminum,                                                           

Aluminum thickness≧3mm

System: Panasonic(Japan)

Glass: 4+0.76+4mm Laminated Glass

Surface treatment: #304 1.2mm Titanium Stainless Steel (Color can choose)

Ceiling: Powder coated 1.2mm Aluminum Plate

Light: Energy-saving lamp (Brand: NVC)

Dustproof Plate: 12mm Density Board, 

Control Operation LCD Panel: Panasonic Digital LCD screen,display and control the operation status of the door

ID Card Reader: 1 set for each door(Install outside)

ID Card:100pcs for each door

Push Button: 1 set for each door(Install inside)

2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door specification
2 Wing Automatic Revolving Door