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Curved Automatic Glass Sliding Door
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Curved automatic sliding door automatic curved glass sliding door system
Curved automatic sliding door automatic curved glass sliding door system Half Circle Door 

1. The sensor has stable performance and wide detection distance
2. Suitable for office buildings, shopping malls, Banks, factories, restaurants, hotels, stores, laboratories, hospitals and other occasions,
to ensure the maximum people flow and  goods flow.
3. When the door is closing, if obstacles or human body detected, the door will reverse back immediately, ensure the safety of personnel
in and out
4. When the door approaching an obstacle, it can be detected in advance and slow down the speed to ensure safety
5. The high quality design and production ensure the smooth running
6. Good sound insulation, heat insulation, dustproof effect ensure the building to reduce energy consumption
7. The shape, appearance and function of the door can be custom made according to needs 
8. Convenient use, the multiple features allow you to choose normally open, automatic open, one-way open or door locked.
9. The speed of opening and closing can convenient be setted or adjusted according to the specific situation, always keep the door
smooth running.
10. Special lubrication measures and special deceleration mechanism are adopted.Professional design of the spreader roller structure,
greatly reduce the operating noise
 11. The track is of high - strength, wear - resistant aluminum alloy, height is 125mm, the height of the slot is 70mm, the standard length of
track is 2100mm(A set of door is equipped with 2 pieces of 2100mm long tracks), In addition there are 3000mm long of tracks optional,
used for large single door.
12. Use brushless DC motor(24V, 65W) with small volume and large power, safety protection circuit device is installed inside, which can
achieve long-term trouble-free operation even if it is frequently opened and closed.
13. Use advanced microcomputer processor control, safety protection infrared ray, access control, external electrical lock, backup
batterie, double door interlock and other ports, convenient for customers to use according to the actual needs
14. Equipped with detaching devices to prevent the doors from derailment
15. High load bearing, single opening can bear a weight of 150 kg, double opening can bear a weight of 150 kg *2 (indoor without wind
pressure), outdoor installation must consider the wind pressure
16. Available surface finish color options:
A. Titanium-plated stainless steel series;
B. Copper and brass antique series;
C. Fluorocarbon spraying series;
D. Laminated textured wood series 

Technical data
Door type: Double door
Door weight: <150kg x 2
Door width: DW=600mm-1067mm
Power: AC150V-250V, 50-60Hz
Opening speed: 100-500mm/s(adjustable)
Closing speed: 100-500mm/s(adjustable)
Ambing speed: 30-100mm/s(adjustable)
Opening time: 0-9sec(adjustable)
Close force: 70N Manual force: <100N
Power consumption: <150W
Operating temperature: -20-+50

Standard sizes: 
Width Height Entrance width Pass height Canopy height
2000 2200/2600  900  2200/2400  200/300 
3000 2400/2600  1400  2200/2400  200/300 
4000 2400/2600  1900  2200/2400  200/300 
6000 2400/2600  2900  2200/2400  200/300 
Non-standard sizes can be custom made.