Automatic movable walls
Large span vertical folding retractable wall
    Publish time 2020-05-27 14:09    
Indoor Stadium large span vertical lift folding retractable partition wall
Indoor Stadium large span vertical lift folding retractable partition wall  (Lenght: 43000mm, Height: 6000mm)

The fully automatic vertical lifting partition is a new type of partition product. Differs from traditional sliding partitions, it's fully automatic up/down folding partition wall.

vertical lift folding partition wall
It has the following distinct characteristics:

1. With no visible mechanisms, floor, ceiling or wall tracks, it creates a superior environment and integrity of space.

2. Panels are lifted into a pocket in the ceiling, make efficient use of valuable space.

3. Unlimited width, linked to each other in group, lift up and down in sequence according to the previously compiled control program.

4. Easy operation, a button to complete, required no labor effort.

5. Reconfigure space in minutes, suitable for the rapid conversion of space atmosphere.

6. Good sound insulation coefficient up to 50dB, no affect by manual operation(manual operation may occur sealing not in right place).

7. Panels can be customized according to the project requirements and compatible with a wide variety of architectural finishes such as paint, vinyl, fabric, specialty metals, wood veneer, etc.

8. Suitable for Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Patios, Counter-tops, Bars, lecture hall, concert hall, gymnasium etc. 

Product parameters:

1. Primary support structural: Q235-A carbon steel;

2. Panel construction:

Use lightweight materials hang on the suspension system, 20mm honeycomb composite aluminum plate shall be mounted on both sides.

3. Wall Panel Connections:

The both ends of the panel against the fixed wall position is equipped with electric telescopic device.

The joints between the panels are provided with sealing sound insulation strip.

4. Acoustical panels: Standard completed panels, 415mm thickness.

5. Drive device: Motor drive, Up/Down folding system, method of group linkage

6. Sound insulation rating by Rw (dB), subject to EN20140: 50dB

7. Weight of the total composition: 50 kg per square meter

8. Flame retardant grade with level of B1 rating

9. Sound absorption coefficient: 0.8