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Central axis rotatable partition door
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Electrical central axis rotatable partition door

Electrical central axis rotatable partition door  
Electrical central axis rotatable partition door

Electrical central pivot rotatable partition door
Product overview

Electrical rotatable partition is a new type of automatic rotary partition developed by CN, which take the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, combine the characteristics of our company's products.


Electrical rotatable partition door have nice appearance, reliable performance, advanced automatic control system and first-class DC frequency conversion technology, which ensure its stable and safe running. The from European and American imported key components and high-strength aluminum alloy track ensures that the automatic partition door is in the state of the optimal operation.



Full intelligent control system

CN adopts the programmable logic control system, which fully considers the reliability of the system by using the redundancy design, and also uses the internal sensors of each motor to make closed-loop detection of the electrical partition door, so as to ensure the operation of the automatic partition is always in the best state, and at the same time guarantee the safety of users.


Accident protection function

When Power-off the electrical rotatable partition door can be manual pushed, which ensure the normal passage after an unexpected power loss.


Flexible installation performance

The electrical rotatable partition door has a variety of sizes, min.height from 3.5 meters to max. height of 16 meters, length from 2 meters to 100 meters forming dozens standard series, non-standard also available(custom made by user), can be installed in different types of buildings.

Technical parameters

Push / pull force of partition door: 350N;

Max. load of rack system: 750kg/m;   

Sound insulation: RW=45db;

Power of DC brush-less motor: 100W+35W;

High-powered noise reduction power supply: 24V;

Intelligent controller: multi-point communication.