Automatic movable walls
Electrical Lifting Glass Partition Door
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Electrical Vertical Lifting Glass Partition walls

Electrical Vertical Lifting Glass Partition walls 

Electrical Vertical Lifting Glass Partition walls
Electrical Glass Partition door
Electrical operable partitions

CN is the first manufacturer of full-automatic partition walls in China, take the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, combine the characteristics of our company's products, have developed a new automatic partition system. All partition panels and motors are hidden in the ceiling, complete intelligent automatic operated, do not need manual operation. The electrical partitions walls have beautiful appearance, reliable performance, advanced automatic control system, first-class DC frequency conversion technology ensure its stable and safe running.

Advantages and features

Full intelligent control system

Accident protection function

Automatic lifting partition can be used in any place to reconfigure the space in minutes, which is the biggest characteristic of this product.

Control system

High intelligent control of vector frequency conversion;  

Power mechanism adopts high-precision parallel helical gear reducer and optimized transmission system design, with low running resistance, high transmission efficiency, stable and low noise, the transmission efficiency is increased by 15%, and the energy consumption is reduced by 30%. Service life greatly improved;

Adopts touch panel control, atmosphere and grade, convenient to use, lifting speed and position adjustable, operation status real-time closed-loop monitoring, double password protection, with classification management function;

Intelligent modular design, reasonable structure, convenient maintenance.

Performance Indicators

Way of running

Vertical lifting

Power Voltage

AC 380V ,50HZ  




unlimited (3-6M per section)

Motor power


 Rotation speed

0-65rpm (adjustable)

Rising speed

10-350mm/s (adjustable)

Falling speed

10-350mm/s (adjustable)

Running noise


Obstacle detection function by descend


Soft restrict detection function


Power-off braking


Maximum power consumption


Ambient temperature