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Semi-Automatic Operable Partition Wall
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Semi-automatic Operable Partition Wall

Our Operable Wall offers an unrivalled choice of quality engineered moveable partitions that provide effective space management.

The Semi-automatic Operable Partition Wall is composed of independent glazed or solid panels which slide smoothly on rollers along a top-hung aluminium rail. 

The solid panels are mounted in full perimeter extruded 6063-T6 aluminium frames structural backing with interlocking corner construction, have aluminum outer frame in natural anodized finish(Powder coating of aluminium trims in different colors is also possible) with raw MDF as base material backed with rock wool for acoustic rating. The optional thickness is 65mm, 85mm,100mm or 125mm. The panel  have a solid fascia with a unlimited choice of finishes including wood veneer, aluminium, laminate, melamine and fabric. 

The panel slides on an extruded aluminium track by means of heavy duty steel and nylon trolley.
The semi-automatic movable partition is very cost-effective, the weight is moderate and operation is convenient and flexible. 
The suspension of each door panel can be single point, allows panels to hang centrally to the overhead support track and 360°rotatable. Or suspension of double point , allows panels to follow track intersection away from the opening allowing panels to be pushed to any place.

The wall is sealed automatically. There is no need to use manual operating handle to maintain closed door position.  

Panel Height   Minimum 3000mm, Maximum 18000mm,
Panel Width    Maximum 1200mm, Minimum 800mm
The bearing weight of track is 450kg/m,  
Acoustic Rating 30-50db

Sound insulation material: Below 47 dB, fire-proof sound insulation cotton, 80-120KG/M³;       
47 dB or above: 1.2mm-1.5mm double-sided steel plate and fire-proof sound insulation cotton100-150KG/M³

Basal panel: 9mm thick MDF board or Glass-mg board, colour steel board, melamine board and fire resistant plasterboard.

The look and form of Partition wall: The tracks and outer frames are coated with 6063-T6 high hardness white electrostatic powder.

Track and pulley configuration: Equipped with semi-automatic electric retractable mechanism with spring support and multidirectional track or straight one-way track and trolley bearing.

Designed to suit all applications and budgets, the range is suitable for use in areas where flexibility is equally as important as performance, for instance:  
» Office interiors and meeting rooms 
» Conference and function suites
» Sports and leisure facilities
» Education establishments
» Exhibition centers
» Hotels and restaurants
» High clean factories

Table of the type 80 and 100 partition series' parameters
Type Basic board Hoisting weight (kg/sqm.) Sound insulation coefficient Frame Material Retractable range of top/bottom seals (mm) Partition dimention(mm)
Thickness mm
80 Colour steel board 40 50 Aluminium 25 500/1230 3000/12000 80
MDF board 32 40
Glass-mg board 33
Melamine board 32
100 Colour steel board 50 53 Aluminium 25 500/1230 3000/18000 100
MDF board 38 50
Glass-mg board 42
Melamine board 32