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Automatic Horizontal Folding Glass Door
    Publish time 2020-11-11 15:13    
Electrically Operated Aluminum Horizontal Folding Glass Door
Electrically Operated Aluminum Horizontal Folding Glass Door 

The automatic horizontal folding glass door can be customized of various sizes and configurations to suit individual needs. 

We offer single slide or bi-parting slide type in a wide range of dimensions, designed to improve any kind of home, workplace or commercial creating. The folding glass doors are lighter in weight than swing-out doors so they can be larger and not opening out as far, leaves more useable space. The Bi-folding Glass Doors are particularly suit for modern balcony door or garage door.

With two-door, three-door, four-door, or multiple door units, adjustable four-wheel ball-bearing hanger giving it a smoother and more effortless operation. Door panels fold in or out for the most efficient use of space at entrances or exits. 

The transmission device is composed of high-quality motor, gearing, turbo worm reducer, linear track with high precision. The folding glass doors can be opened manually or automatically. High precision perimeter seals are available to ensure separation from the elements when bifold doors are in the closed position.

Details for automation system
Electromechanical drive motor 230V(A.C & D.C) / Three Phase
Includes remotes, push button & Door Top Track, Wheels, Bottom Guide Roller and All other standard installation Door Accessories.

Door Type: Single Slide / Bi-parting Slide Type

Door Dimension
Width Min./Max.    Single Slide:  1600/6000mm
                                Bi-parting Slide:  3200/12000mm
Height Min./Max.   2000/6400mm (larger dimension on request)
Opening direction: Horizontal folding
Mounting location:  Inside/Outside
Door mounting: On top track mechanism

Electromechanical drive features powerful startup
Redundant safety sensors and advanced activation sensors for safety. Infrared sensor system reverses the direction of the door if any obstruction cuts across the invisible light beam
Aluminum frame powder coated to any colors
12mm thick tempered clear frameless glass panels. 
Rollers made of specially designed composite materials such as nylon with bearing for smooth operation.
Available with Manual Operation Mode in case of emergency.  Quick release disengaging mechanism enables changeover to manual operation in case of power failure
Easy to operate through push button / remote control
A total safety system, automatic hung sliding garage doors are designed to meet all operational & safety needs.