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Super Heavy Automatic Door Operator
    Publish time 2020-03-04 17:33    
G180 Super Heavy Automatic Sliding Door Opening Mechanism


1. Low power consumption, energy-saving standby state.

2. Intelligent microcomputer control system, various parameters can be adjusted flexibly.

3. Low noise power unit, easy to install and convenient.

4. Advanced brush-less motor and turbine worm reducer integrated synthesis, high efficiency, big torque, long life.

5. Unique self-locking function, without additional accessories, full function remote control device, safe and reliable.

6. Safety sensor to ensure safe passage.

7. In case of power failure, backup power supply can be selected to keep the door running normally.

8. Soft start, door body runs more smoothly.

9. Fault self-inspection, LED display fault code, convenient maintenance.


 Soft start: In general when the automatic door open, the motor suddenly acceleration, the door not only swing more harm, and the noise is big. We use soft start technology, the motor start slowly and soft, ensure stable running and  acceleration of door body .
 Auto detect: When the door body hits person body or object, it will automatic retract quickly, when detect the obstacle is clean, it will run automatically again.
 System automatic self protection: When obstacle 3-6 times detected, and confirmed that person or object still has not left, the door will auto-stop, to protect the security of the clamped object and door body. After obstacle is removed, press the reset switch and the door body resumed running again.
 Automatic reset: After confirming the safety of the site, there is no need to switch the power supply. As long as the door is pushed to the opening position, the door will automatically resume running.
 Motor lock: Locking force > 550N
 Energy saving: Use the field current, instantaneous pressure technology, when the door is not moving the motor is not charged, when the door is pulled, the motor will have field current transferred to the controller, and the controller will give a strong reverse current on the motor in 0.01 seconds. 


Suspension unit

All adopt adjustable structure, hanger parts are stamping formed by cold-rolled steel sheet, surface galvanized, high strength nylon materials, surface smooth, not easy to deform, highly consistent with guide rail, running smoothly.

Controller unit

Automatic door control hub use built-in microcomputer chip to receive the sensor detection signal, and the door can be automatically adjusted and set the control process according to the measured door size and weight through programming.

Wire connecting

According to the needs of the electrical components to provide mutual connection, safe and reliable, easy to operate.

Beam for driving device

Aluminum alloy profile (thickness 10mm). Strength T5, long operating life, good stability, low noise.

Belt tensioning wheel unit

The constant tension belt tensioning wheel is used to adjust the belt tension.The belt constant adjustment device keeps the constant tension of the tooth belt in sync.

Belt unit

Select  used the synchronous gear belt with high transmission efficiency and driven by special motor for reciprocating motion. Connected with the hanger to drive the door movement.

Independent guide rail unit

Newly designed independent guide rail device, easy to replace and repair. The dynamic beam and guide rail are interlining with high quality rubber strip, which can absorb the vibration and noise generated in the operation stably and reliably, and create a quieter operation environment.
Motor unit

The 24v 300w synchronous brush-less motor is integrated with the worm reducer.

Performance parameters


Heavy type

Door body type

Single door or double door leaves

Weight of door leaves

Single door1200Kg, double door leaves2*1200Kg

Width of door


Width of structure


Installation style

Surface mounting

Power voltage and Frequency

AC100V-250V, 50-60HZ

Opening speed

100~500mm/s (Adjustable)

Closing speed

100~500mm/s (Adjustable)

Slow speed

30~100mm/s (Adjustable)

Opening time

0~9s (Adjustable)

Close force


Manual force


Power consumption


Ambient temperature