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Balanced Door / Pivot Door
    Publish time 2020-03-04 16:06    
Balance door super wind resistant large and heavy swing balanced door easy open EXW

Balanced doors, known as the door is open with a finger, are widely used in buildings as exterior doors. Considering the difficulties of opening the huge doors with a large force for the larger wind environment, CN Electric do not use routinely spring design, we set the invisible physical gate shaft and the hidden sliding doors axis as a balance between the door frame, according to the pivot lever principle, using the wind pressure difference of inside and outside, achieve the result that push the door with less force. It not only guarantees designers to design the door of the building in a grand and luxurious way, meets the requirements of the height and width of the building space, but also greatly improves the comfort of the door, which is much safer than the traditional ground door structure.

The CN balanced door / pivot door is designed from balanced strength with superb aerodynamics, easy sliding open, even with one finger.

The CN balanced door conforms to the national evacuation door security specification and can be installed independently as an entrance to the building or as a side door match other door types.

 Balanced Door

Product Main Features

Meet the design requirements of appearance and big size, enhance the overall appearance grade of the building.

Open the door with the help of wind, reduce the resistance of wind pressure and the door self-weight. The greater the wind, the smaller opening force needed, all people can easy use.

The structure is safe and reliable, and conforms to the evacuation door  security specification.

The pivot arm and the fulcrum of the door adopt self-adjusting ball bearings and ball bearings to make the door body run stable with low noise.The shaft arm is made of high quality stainless steel with higher strength and more stable performance.

The door leaf rotates around the  fulcrum located pivot, which can save space and maximize the outer opening space. The door leaves fix a position at 90 degree.

The main rotating shaft and the door body rotate synchronously, the door body positioning rotating shaft travels horizontally along the guide slip of the chassis, and the hidden door closing device automatically returns to the position to ensure the smooth operation of the balanced door.

All rotating and door closing device are hidden installed, to meet the needs of the building aesthetic;

Door body and chassis are all made of aluminum profile structure, it is convenient for processing and site installation;

Side column, surface type ground rail or no ground rail  are optional designed, to meet the installation needs of different places;

Air-tight and energy saving, adjustable sealing strip, reduce internal heat loss;

Public places, stadiums, and outside doors of shopping malls with huge traffic flow can quickly evacuate people in case of emergency.

Anti typhoon up to force Eleven, suitable for areas with  frequent  typhoons and snow.

Special suitable for oversized exterior doors with a height up to 5 meters and width to 1.4 meters. But its possible to make super large size and weight of balance swing door on request. The maximum size could reach to 6000W×6000H. Weight of the double doors could reach to 2000KG maximally.