Automatic Sliding Partitions
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Intelligent partition system for Atlantic
Atlantic holiday hotel is an international top brand jointly created by more than 80 internationally renowned architectural and design institutions. It is famous for developing the famous sun city resort hotel in South Africa. Designed for the luxury resort market, it is known for its superior quality. All are located in popular tourist destinations as maldives, maurius, dubai, the Bahamas, los cabos, Mexico, and Cape Town, South Africa.
The hotel complex adopts automatic sliding partition, electric high door, balance door and other intelligent partition categories, which shows the intelligent design concept created by famous architectural designer Jean Michel Gathy. 

Most of the intelligent partitions are provided by CN. The CN electric light type automatic partition is a automatic sliding partition product.Its architectural style is based on the selection of natural elements and modern materials, showing the local characteristics as the theme. CN electric automatic partition finished with black titanium, creating an unforgettable coastline in the afterglow of the sunset.
Automatic Sliding Partitions