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Manual Revolving Door
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Manual revolving door creates energy and space savings.
Manual Revolving Door

Manual revolving door creates energy and space savings. CN manual revolving door excellence solution for the buildings with continuous access where hot or cold air within the building needs to be maintained. Classy looking and very elegant aluminum manual revolving doors available in standard anodized colors or RAL pallet.

Manual revolving doors (ordinary or luxurious) have the quality of automatic revolving door, luxurious appearance and durability. High quality bearing, multiple seal and reasonable bearing structure, can withstand the test of harsh environment such as sand and dust.High level of single left rotation or one-way right rotation, silent and nonimpact, core components of high quality. We strive to bring the most perfect service to customers. Suitable for Banks, shops, hotels and office buildings.

The manual revolving door is more suitable for places with smaller people flow. The diameter of the door can reach about 3000 mm.

Manual revolving door has the same quality and structure as automatic revolving door, it's deeply trusted by users.The product pays attention to the manual door function accessory's research and development and the core component's high quality, the user thus obtained the high quality excellent consummation service.And the manual rotary door high-quality bearing and multiple seal and force structure, can be tested by water, dust and other harsh environment;Electrical system can be added to upgrade according to customer demand.

Product features
Manual revolving door has three wing or four wing two models to choose.
Ideal choice for less people flow: the door is spacious but not particularly big, anyone can easily operate.
The revolving door can be turned with a gentle push of the hand.
Do not required safety devices as DIN 18650, save cost!
The entrance blocks the external airflow and blocks noise and dust.
All-glass style is optional.
There are two operating modes: "lock" and "manual"
The optimized speed controller can realize the maximum speed and improve the passage speed at the same time.
Automatic positioner with motor, installed on the top or the ground, manual touch can easily turn the door back to the original position for the next use.
Manual structure can be controlled by the crowd rotation speed, more safe and reliable.
The structure of manual revolving door is simple, so the quality is more reliable, basic 10 years maintenance free.

Standard configuration:
* High strength aluminum frame
* Rotatable door leaves
* Colorful finished decoration: Copper decoration. Fluorocarbon coating. Anodic oxidation. Stainless steel, etc
* Laminating, hot bending, toughening, tempered glass 
* Stainless steel or aluminum ceiling, rainproof and dustproof
* The border of the door is provided with a windproof brush
* Internal ceiling lamp
* Imported bearing from Europe
* Mechanical locks

Build-up materials: 
Stainless steel 1.2mm thick mat panel;
Planar door panel with 8 mm thick tempered glass; Curved glass wall with 10 mm thick transparent glass;
Imported mechanical system from Europe;
Windproof brush;
Door handle and door lock;
Bearing: imported precision bearing - thrust bearing (special pressure bearing)from Europe.

Manual Revolving Door

3 Wing Manual Revolving Door