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Acoustic Vertically Folding Retractable Wall Motorized Operable Partitions Automated Vertical Lift Partition Walls 

In vertically folding retractable walls

Customized to your project

Height up to 12 meters

Infinite length

Easy-to-use automatic operable walls / Easy to use and fully automatic

Equipped with a safety obstruction sensor

Time and labour savings, the vertical walls need less manpower

Superior acoustical performance

Automated end seals

The advantages of using vertical walls over other traditional walls

Speed of operation, it's a faster solution

Take less steel structure to support

Use no floor space

Freedom in design, with infinite finish possibilities: Fabric, vinyl, wood veneer, marker board, mixed finishes, mural, specialty metals, plastic laminate, paint or glass, infinite possibilities, designed for the future

Designed for specialized environments, for stepped or sloped lecture hall, between columns or intersecting walls.

Vertically Folding Retractable Walls

Custom manufactured, fully automatic, rigid, flat retractable acoustic partitioning system.The Vertically Folding Retractable Wall take flexible space in a completely different direction-up. 

We provide a complete line of retractable partition wall systems to provide customers with temporary, flexible space division. Architects, contractors and end-users have all given thumbs up to our automated retractable wall system for its clean lines, ease of operation, and acoustical performance.

The vertical lift panels stack above the ceiling with vertical folding systems. Vertically stacking operable partitions were designed for customers to divide a space without the need for in-room stacking closets found with traditional operable walls.

The vertical wall  for automated space division that folds up into the ceiling.  A storage closet or trench must be built in the ceiling and across the entire room to store the vertically folding door.  When retracted, the door is invisible in the room.

The automated vertical operable walls offer many advantages:

Stacks above the ceiling through a narrow slot for improved in room aesthetics

Single piece, rigid steel framed panels – the same as standard panel construction

No internal movable parts within the panels for ease of service

Acoustic performance to 54 STC, the same as the accordion-style vertically stacking systems

Multiple safety systems including “free-fall” load arrestors and lead edge auto reverse

Narrow panel profile with side guides for proven acoustics and seismic stability

Panels engage above the ceiling thus eliminating pinch points between panels during operation

Available options: Key switch, digital touch screen, LED lighting, seal colours

Easy to design into a project and offers a new way to separate space. We can assist with static load calculations, BIM models and full CAD drawings for designers looking to divide space with a vertical lift system. We will keep you up to date to stimulate ideas and demonstrate to customers the new alternative to the accordion style vertical folding systems.